New Gallery and New Images

A new collection of abstract images of the sea
I find that I'm often drawn to experimenting with abstract techniques. This can lead to a purer expression of my emotional response to a place at a moment in time, to light and colour.

I'm also interested in the connections between photography and memory. A photograph is, on one level, an attempt to capture time. Yet how much of our memory of a particular walk on a beach, say, is "photographic", in the sense of an exact, detailed replica of this pebble, that wave or cloud formation? Aren't our memories more often a blur of impressions, shaped by our moods and feelings?

These images were all taken using various speeds and directions of movement with the camera during long exposures. It's a process of trial and error. Playing, in fact. If you prefer your photographs to have pin-sharp subjects and be outstanding technical examples of perfect depth of field and so forth, you won't like them. If you're a bit of a Romantic and are drawn to moody dreamscapes, then I hope you will.